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DD's Dreamin Drive

shared in Daisaku's comm too, but need to put it here more since this involves TWO Daisukes!!!

DD's new single coming out soon! this one is the radio version (with people added pictures to the music, from nico)... take a look!!



i dun hv time to read thru it now but it has something to do with OnoD's hinemosu... it looks like all the other daisuke's comment on OnoD's CD ^^


From saorren 's idea [modo ^^] I make tags for each daisuke:

hirakawa : for HIrakawa Daisuke
kishio : for Kishio Daisuke
ono : for Ono Daisuke
ononono : ono Daisuke , crack version [suman.. can't help it XD]
namikawa : Namikawa Daisuke

If you got another 'Daisuke' to add , just say ^^

And I do encourage members to post using tags , it's to make it easy to search for each thing ... Who kow you may have to use it later ;)

I'll edit the tags for all posts in here soon. Not now , I just wake up.. kanbe shite kureee XDDDDD


I stole it >.>


top left thing is Ono Dai-san's hinemosu album? single? promo video but it's entirely a FLASH (swf) file only, so u wont be able to extract it... so just watch it there... but i dloaded the swf file =w=

this is the link


change xx to tt and just... download it =P


from here... help yourselves XDDD;;;


ono-san news~

kochi~ raji?


The Kishio

I scanned this picture from my friend's magazine tonight, and thought I'd share here too. I got such a good laugh out of this picture I couldn't look at it properly until at least 30 minutes later.


Gossip!! XD Dai~Power~~!!

So I'm reading this Ono Daisuke-san's fan (Kobashi Mai-san)'s fan blog (in chinese), and her translation of Ono-no-no TSR #5. In there Ono-san mentioned that he himself is a "rain man" (ame otoko? XD) meaning that wherever he'd go, it'd rain =P

That might not be true all the time, but Ono-san also mentioned that whenever there is work/event with THREE DAISUKEs TOGETHER, bad weather will come!! XDDDD He said if it's event, the weather would go bad; and there was even once during recording, a typhoon came and there was flooding, so they were all trapped in the recording studio and couldnt get out!!

P.S. I wanna see Ono-san's Love Megane photos~~ *o*

One drama, Four Daisukes

After sifting through folders one by one, I found the drama with the four Daisukes! Rejoice everybody! Come and feast enjoy!!!

Cast: Kishio Daisuke x Hirakawa Daisuke, Sakaguchi Daisuke, Ono Daisuke, Tanaka Ryouko, etc.
Mediafire: Part 1, Part 2
Sendspace: Part 1, Part 2

[edit] The tracks are zipped funny so please download only from EITHER Mediafire or Sendspace, whichever works for you. If any issues, leave a comment and I'll upload a track separately or something. ^_^