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About this comm.. so what's is this anyway?

Name: Ono Daisuke [小野大輔]
Birthplace/Birthday : Kochi, Japan / 1978-05-04
Jimusho [Agency] : Mausu Production
Highlighted roles :
- Itsuki Koizumi[Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu]
- Hyuga [Neo Angelique]
- Shuuji Tsugumi [Zombie Loan]

Name: Kishio Daisuke [岸尾大輔]
Birthplace/Birthday : Mie, Japan / 1974-03-28
Jimusho [Agency] : Haikyou
Highlighted roles :
- Azuma Yunoki [La corda d'oro - primo passo -]
- Fon Aina Sulfur [Cluster Edge]

Name: Hirakawa Daisuke [平川大輔]
Birthplace/Birthday : Niigata, Japan / 1973-06-04
Jimusho [Agency] : Media Force
Highlighted roles :
- Bernard [Angelique]
- Franz d'Epinay [Gankutsuou]

Name: Namikawa Daisuke [浪川大輔]
Birthplace/Birthday : Tokyo, Japan / 1976-04-02
Jimusho [Agency] : Haikyou
Highlighted roles :
- Heuye [Neo Angelique]
- Ootori choutarou [Tennis no Oujisama]
- Yojiro Akizuki [Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

this comm is for all who loves the Daisuke's seiyuus..but now who are those? is simple the Daisuke's seiyuus are Kishio Daisuke, Ono Daisuke, Hirakawa Daisuke and Kishio Daisuke we not add here Sakaguchi Daisuke due to he isn't involve much on bl

in this comm you'll can find stuffs like events (hardly), info regards they and even icons! but since we don't like leechers you'll need to make your introduction (in this post) in that way we will see who are the fans are who are the leechers (if you leecher happen to join our comm you're warned) thought there is a limit for it, if you joins the comm you'll have 72 hrs to make your intro after that if you didn't you'll be mark as a leecher and kick off from the comm.


2- Fangirling is allowed
3- POST IN ENGLISH PLZ! (i know this is weird since my english itself is weird ^^U)
4- Off topics not allowed
5- Sharing files in flock and not giving the link (aka comment in the post to get the file) if you want to just share giving the link is in your own decision
6- Sharing scans behind of lj cut plz!
7- Tagging all your entries (if you for example happen to request something putting "request" *and incluide here if is a video, mp3, lyric or what* is ok)
8- ENJOY THE COMM! and bother to n4ncy is a good idea XD

**Avaliables Tags**

audio, info , lyrics ,picture , request , video, review and radio


any question or comments are welcome! ^__^
hirakawa daisuke, kishio daisuke, namikawa daisuke, ono daisuke, 小野大輔、岸尾大輔、浪川大輔、平川大輔